Specialized Catalogue
of the Postal Issues of the
(Liu Ch'iu)Islands
(Issued under United States Administration)
Part II
Postal Stationery of the Central Governments
(1948 - 1972)

Published 1979

Quantities: Printed/Issued
Quantities actually in collector hands
are significantly less for the more scarce/rare issues

Type I E47,800+/E43,400+

Single V4C E40,000/E39,000
Single V4C-A unknown/unknown,four known, 1986
Severed V6C, V6C-A E300/E200?
Severed V6C-B, V6C-C E3,000/E1,500
Single V8C E1,000/E1,000
M & R VX4C E500/E200?
M & R VX4C-A E3,000/E1,500

Type IA E21,000+/E8,000+

Single V4C-B unknown/two known,19821
Single V4C-C unknown/unknown
Severed V6C-D, V6C-E E3,000/E1,500
Severed V6C-F, V6C-G E7,500/E2,500
M & R VX4C-B E3,000/E1,500
M & R VX4C-C E7,500/E2,500

1 From The Dragon's Den, Vol 13, #2, Page 34

Type II E40,000+/E40,000+

Single V5C E35,000/E35,000
Single V5C-A E5,000/E5,000
Severed V7C unknown/unknown
Severed V7C-A E200/E200, one known,19852
Severed V7C-D (few) Undoubtedly exists, none reported
Severed V7C-E (few)
M & R VX5C-B unknown/unknown, one known, 2006 Scott catalog

2 FTTD, Vol 17, #2, page 36 photo

Type IIA E13,000+/E9,900+

Single V5C-B E4,000/E4,000
Single V5C-C E1,000/E1,000
Single V5C-D unknown/unknown, error card
Severed V7C-B E200/E200, two known,19863
Severed V7C-C E200/E200, two known,1986
Severed V7C-F, V7C-G E2,800/E2,800
M & R VX5C E500/E200
M & R VX5C-A E4,500/E1,700

3 FTDD, Vol 17, #2, Page 36 photo

Type III E103,000/E60,000

Severed V9C, V9C-A E11,000/E11,000
Severed V9C-B, V9C-C E32,000/E32,000
M & R VX6C E15,000/E4,000
M & R VX6C-A E45,000/E13,000

Type IV E70,000/E70,000

Severed V10R, V10R-A E30,000/E30,000
Severed V10R-B, V10R-C E40,000/E40,000

Type IV-A unknown/unknown

Severed V10Ra, V10R-Aa unknown/unknown
Severed V10R-Ba, V10R-Ca unknown/unknown

Type V E2,000/E2,000

Severed V11R, V11R-A E1,000/E1,000
Severed V11R-B, V11R-C E1,000/E1,000

Total E296,800+/E233,300+
Hand E121,800+/E101,300+
Typo E175,000+/E132,000+
Single E86,000+/E85,000+
Severed E131,800+/E123,700+
M & R E79,000+/E24,600+


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