Rose-red overprint on Severed Message and Severed Reply Cards

UY5e, Catalog value $1,000

V11R-A (UY5e)
Reply Card, Gray Paper
23mm x 27mm Frame

Base 1, Ex Wong.
(5 known copies in 1986)
Issued circa, late 1951,

Rectangle (23-23.5 x 26.5-27mm) shaded-line numerals and SEN in small capital letters. Lines of the numerals are thicker than Type IV, and the horizontal stroke of the "5", although curved slightly, does not terminate in a point. Both the top and bottom portions of that figure are always cleanly printed.
Type V is the scarcest of the five types of supplementary surcharges.
Because of the distinctive rose red ink, a color long associated with the New Year by Ryukyuans it appears to have been an emergency issue to provide additional New Year's greeting cards.
Printed E2,000 and Issued: E2,000

UY5k, Catalog value $1,000


V11R-C (UY5k)
Reply Card
Tan Paper
23mm x 27mm Frame

Base 1
Ex Wong
(8 known copies in 1986)

The Type V overprint presents an entirely different style of font than the Type IV cards, which are sometime mistaken for Type V. The font style used in the figure "5" is always clean, top and bottom. The kanji characters display a different type font, the characters being slender, with acute definition and contrasting in physical make-up.
The ink used to produce V11R always fluoresces a soft (almost phosphorescent) orange tinged rose red. The difference between the inks used in V11R and V10R is like night and day when they are examined under ultraviolet light.
Just which Ryukyu printing company actually carried out the overprinting of the Type V cards is unknown.

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